Friday, October 10, 2008

Character List

Reading a story over a period of weeks if not months will probably lead to some confusion. So in an attempt to stave this off I will endevour to keep this list up to date with Major characters.

Brad Maunikey: our hero
Jack Carp: the original ass clown

Big Ed or Eduardo Gomez: Body shop owner, brad's friend.
Sarah Jerez: On again, off again girl friend of Brad
Jenny James: knock out beautiful, drop dead gorgeous receptionist for law firm.. (am I babbling?)
Dr. Jones: Jack Carp's boss, original developer of Triton-1, Triton-2 software
Rosie: you are not yet sure
Triton-2: a software program owned by IPSO that identifes fraudulent credit card transactions
Triton-3: the failed software program meant to replace Triton-2
Stan: RPG programmer on Triton-2 project
Dave: RPG programmer on Triton-2 project

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Diane Muir said...

Ummm ... what has happened to Brad?